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  • Firmware downgrade/upgrade
  • Disable altitude limitation 500+ meters
  • Disable No Fly Zone restrictions
  • Force FCC mode for longer range
  • Pre-set Sport+ and Normal+ speed boost
  • All speed parameters user configurable
  • Enable Mavic flight modes on Spark
  • Enable Spark WiFi channel selection
  • Remove online presence on DJI Servers
  • Offline login - No DJI registration
As an added bonus you get
  • New mods fresh from the scene
  • All future mods and updates free of charge
  • LIVE Chat support
  • E-mail support
Why hesitate when you can use NLD mate?

OS:: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 - 32/64-bit.
NLD DJI Go 4.1.3: Android (Flight Controller)
Note: iOS can use the NLD MOD Client if your DJI Go App is 4.1.3 or below.
The activation key is bound to the bird's Board Serial Number.
You don't need a key to run and test the app, but to apply the mods.