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The latest firmware 01.00.0797 for Mavic 2 is now fully supported

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5/24/2024 3:08 PM
load firmware

unable to download modded firmware from nld today
saw that is possible on change log

5/26/2024 4:46 PM
Lost previous account information

How do I get ahold of someone on here that can help me I changed my email and password for my original purchase and my drone updated without the mods. I still have original drone maybe customer service could look it via my drones info and my old email and help me redo it

7/12/2024 10:12 PM
Not work

Not open in windows

7/15/2024 2:59 AM

The he big boos

7/21/2024 9:06 PM
Win 10 Defender Flags MULTIPLE Trojan Threats in File as of July 21 24

Current version / hosted installer triggers multiple trojan threats in Windows 10. NLD should clarify whether these are false positives immediately.

Change Log
Full support for latest Mavic 2 firmware 01.00.0797 added
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